Growing plants and fish in a Chicago meat packing plant…


(CNN) — An old meatpacking plant on Chicago’s South Side is being transformed into an eco farm, which its founders says will produce food sustainably, while creating zero waste.

American entrepreneur John Edel is the founder of “The Plant,” a vertical-farm initiative that he hopes will show people the ease of adapting to green food production in urban living environments.

A vertical farm is an urban agriculture concept whereby food is grown in and on top of buildings in city areas. In order for this process to work, urban farmers use a variety of techniques, including hydroponics — cultivating plants in water — and aquaponics, which uses by-products from fish farming to assist hydroponic growth

With the world’s population surpassing seven billion people and the rapid pace of urbanization, finding space to grow food is becoming an increasing challenge — one that Edel and his team of volunteers at The…

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Farming from a Meatpacking Factory


Re-purposing an old meatpacking factory as a zero-waste farm seems pretty ironic. But John Edel has bigger plans than just an eco farm for The Plant, a vertical farm and food business operation opening soon in Chicago. He hopes to “show people the ease of adapting to green food production in urban living environments,” including utilizing hydroponics and aquaponics (CNN). Fantastic concept, John!

(image: The Plant)

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Go Grafted!

Take Root with Dennis' 7 Dees

Seven reasons why grafted tomatoes are greater tomatoes!

  1. Increased production: 4-5 times the fruit of standard tomatoes!
  2. Extreme vigor for improved fruit quality.
  3. Superior disease resistance
  4. Tolerance to environmental stresses.
  5. Increased yields with a prolonged harvest.
  6. Greater resistance to soilborne pathogens and nematodes.
  7. Reliable production of larger and unique heirloom tomato varieties.

With a vision to aid gardeners in reliably producing more food in less space, we are excited to provide Ezra’s Organic Tomoatoes to our customers.
What are grafted tomatoes?!
Due to limited growing space vegetable top grafting was originally developed in Japan to allow growers to produce a large amount of produce in a small space. This technique gives vegetables increased disease resistance, vitality, and productions throughout the season. Ezra’s Organics accomplishes this by grafting a robust wild rootstock (bottom of plant) to flavorful heirloom and hybrid tomatoes (top plant). The result is extremely prolific tomato production, without…

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Adventures in Aquaponics

GROW O'ahu

Use fish to grow food without soil.  This pretty much sums up what aquaponics actually is, the combination of “aquaculture” or raising of fish and “hydroponics” growing of plants in water.  It’s becoming really popular, but systems can get pricey. Our little house is entering our seventh month of experimentation with this system and I have a few things to share about our journey.

This is the first system we tried.  It was a kit available locally and we spent a good deal of time talking story with the guy who sold it to us as he was a wealth of knowledge.  It was worth the money we spent because we were newbies, hadn’t done much homework and just wanted to try it out.  This small set up was perfect for that.  And we feel that since we bought the things, we can call and ask questions!

A variety of…

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Extensive List of Organic Pest Control Remedies

Nifty Aquaponics graphic

Pallet Garden

Post image for How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden

A great idea to re-purpose pallets! Learn how to DIY here: