Turn any smart phone into a free voip phone + free text message

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Have an old smart phone lying around? Why not turn it into a free voip house phone?  I only have experience using this with an android phone (with no cell service attached). Thanks to google voice and pbxes.com you can easily make 100% free phone calls over your wifi. You are already paying for wifi at home, why not use it to make free calls? Of course this technology is not as reliable as your regular cell phone service, or as convenient in some cases since you can only use your phone wherever  wifi is available (good thing starbucks is everywhere!). And I have had some trouble using it to authenticate a craigslist account so there might be other instances where this option might not work for you.

Bundled with google voice is the ability to send and receive sms messages right to your inbox or to your android.

Setting up your phone is easy to do:

 Get a Google Voice number.

 Download Sipdroid application on your phone

 Open the Sipdroid application on the phone. Select settings and add your Google voice account information.

Sipdroid will register automatically register an account for you at pbxes.com and configure your google voice account also.  While you’re in settings you might want to check the Call Options (I  and Wireless Options (Here, I check the options Select Wi-Fi Ap & Screen on) to make sure your settings are all in order.

Once you have a little green light, you’re ready to make calls. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you register with pbxes.com through the application, you should log into your account at Pbxes.com and update your information, othewise they might delete your account and you have to register a new one.

Text messaging works a little different, to use that download the google voice application or just send from your gmail inbox!

Good Luck!

English: Sipdroid 1.0.7 on a HTC Hero mobile phone

NOTE: Sometimes Pbxes stops working for no real reason, but it is easy to resolve. Simply log into your pbxes.com account. Click Personal Data then change your time zone and save changes. Then change it back to the correct one. Actually any change to your settings seems to refresh something and gets your voip working again.


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