Soap Just Soap

T and D Organics and Designs

This is the equation for our soap:


A crock pot + three different oils + distilled water + 5 extra minutes in the check out because I have to get carded to buy lye = soap

Seriously: In this town I am carded for lye and Visine Advanced but not for Sudafed…

Moving on…

T and I are getting away from processed EVERYTHING. We are growing our own food, making our own candles, our own soap and shampoo.

I’m getting into this whole “If I can’t read it I’m not using it” thing and not because I’m one of those tree hugging, environmentalist, hippy fascists- I just don’t like the idea of using something that I have no idea what it is, what it does or what it was originally for (ie the pesticides we currently use in commercial farming were originally nerve…

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