Aimed at the Heart

Bowl of homemade yogurt
I have been making yogurt (on and off) since September 2011. I have read a whole bunch of recipes and, through much trial and error, found a recipe that works for my family. Some things that I have learned are as follows:
1. The longer you let the yogurt ferment, the more tart it becomes. My family does not like tart yogurt so about 4-5 hours results in a milder taste.
2. If the milk boils over you can clean up the mess while it cools down and the remaining milk will still work for yogurt.
3. A thermometer is handy to have but not essential.
4. White/clear vanilla tastes much better than the dark stuff.
I will tell you my method but you may need to tweak it a bit for your family’s taste preference.
Materials required:
  • Container(s) for finished yogurt with a secure lid (glass or plastic works)

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