slices of heaven

Winging It

As I make more and more of my own food, I’m finding that there are amazing bonus foods to be had by being creative with the excess.  I don’t want to just make two loaves of sourdough and four loaves of wheat bread every single time I bake.  Even after giving some away, we end up throwing bread away because we can’t eat it all before it goes bad, or we just get sick of it.  I like to try new things and experiment.  For me, if I’m not creative with my baking, I get bored.   Sometimes the solution to this is simply baking in different shapes.  Often when it’s time to bake my sourdough bread, I’ll just make one loaf  and then maybe split the other loaf up to make two bread bowls for soup or chili.  Or I’ll make one loaf and 6 breadsticks to eat with pasta…

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