Coconut Oil is Bomb Dilly

Molly Flew the Coop

You guys, I love coconut oil. So. Much. I buy it in big tubs and use it up at an alarming pace. I’m not eating it all – although you should eat it and cook with it. You really, really should. It’s good for your heart, supposedly promotes weight loss (I had to put the “supposedly” in there because people are getting a tad crazy with the claims – it can help, but it’s not magical, yo!), helps reduce blood sugar levels, and converts straight to energy. So eat it.

But I also use it in almost all of my skin care products. That I make. In my kitchen.

What? The girl that claims she doesn’t cook (I may or may not. It is *possible* that I botch it up and act clueless so people don’t expect much. Shhhhhhhh. Low expectations are the key to happiness.) makes her…

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