Adventures in Aquaponics

GROW O'ahu

Use fish to grow food without soil.  This pretty much sums up what aquaponics actually is, the combination of “aquaculture” or raising of fish and “hydroponics” growing of plants in water.  It’s becoming really popular, but systems can get pricey. Our little house is entering our seventh month of experimentation with this system and I have a few things to share about our journey.

This is the first system we tried.  It was a kit available locally and we spent a good deal of time talking story with the guy who sold it to us as he was a wealth of knowledge.  It was worth the money we spent because we were newbies, hadn’t done much homework and just wanted to try it out.  This small set up was perfect for that.  And we feel that since we bought the things, we can call and ask questions!

A variety of…

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